A little closer to heaven on a tandem flight

Paragliding in Ischgl

The dream of flying could become a reality for you soon in Ischgl! Together with the experienced team of the Twin Fly, you can explore the mountains of Ischgl at lofty heights – in both summer and winter. And in winter, you can even start right from the slopes! 

Safety is of utmost importance when it comes to paragliding in Ischgl. That’s why thermal lift and weather have to be perfect ahead of every start. The certified tandem pilots with year-long experience ensure a smooth process during start, flight and landing. So, there’s nothing stopping your from enjoying a relaxing flight over the Tyrolean valleys. Photos of the tandem flight are guaranteed to become some of your favourite holiday memories in Ischgl! 

Interesting facts about paragliding in Ischgl 

  • in winter, the start usually takes place at the Pardatschgrat in Ischgl – in summer, primarily in Galtür
  • people weighing between 15 to 100 kilograms can be taken on a tandem flight – above 100 kilograms only upon consultation 
  • flights only take place during certain weather conditions – for your own safety! 
  • prior knowledge is not required – you’ll receive a detailed briefing by your tandem pilot
  • what you should bring with you are: sturdy shoes, possibly gloves, sun glasses and clothing appropriate for the season 

Paragliding offers 

Thermal flights 

The thermal flight is perfect for people who love to fly and who want to experience thermal lift during their flight. Your horizon is bound to expand. A thermal flight requires perfect weather conditions and is possible from February to October from about 12:00 onwards. 

Total duration:         about 2 hours
Flight duration:     about 30 minutes
Maximum altitude:     2,600 to 3,000 metres

Panorama flights 

A panorama flight is perfect for athletic people who have a little bit of prior experience and who want to experience the ultimate high-altitude flight. This flight requires perfect weather conditions and isn’t possible every day. Tip: Wrap up warm – you’re going up high! 

Total duration:         about 2 to 2.5 hours 
Flight duration:     about 1 hour 
Maximum altitude:    2,800 to 4,000 metres 

Gliding flights 

Gliding flights are the perfect flight experience for all those who have never gone paragliding before. 

Total duration:         about 1.5 hours 
Flight duration:     about 20 minutes 
Maximum altitude:    2,600 metres 

All the way up to heaven and back – with the Twin Fly in Ischgl! If you have any questions, the tourism office Paznaun-Ischgl will be happy to help!