Discovering the Paznaun on foot

Hiking routes in Ischgl

One foot in front of the other. One impressive summit after another. One lush green pasture after another. If you’re hiking in Ischgl at the Paznaun, you can consider yourself very lucky indeed. Because hardly any other region in the Tyrolean Alps has quite as much to offer as the Paznaun. 

Hiking trails as far as the eye can see

Active holiday guests get to look forward to leisurely hikes as well as challenging mountain routes at the Paznaun! Alongside the many signposted hiking trails in Ischgl, there are also plenty at the neighbouring towns that’ll make every hiker’s heart beat faster. 

Easy, moderate, difficult: that’s how you’ll find the right trail for you 

You don’t have a lot of experience when it comes to hiking yet or haven’t hit the trails in quite a while? Or you’re one of the well-conditioned leisure hikers who trust themselves to go on a moderately difficult hike? Thanks to the categorisation into different levels of difficulty, every hiker can find the perfect trail. 

Important: Have a look at the current weather forecast ahead of every hike and bring the appropriate equipment along!

No matter which route you decide on: sturdy shoes and clothing appropriate for the weather are a must during every hike! 


  • easy hikes: all routes labelled “blue” have a length of max. 13 kilometres and 400 metres of difference in altitude. They primarily lead over trails in areas of permanent settlement and along forest footpaths. You can expect little to no ascents, secured trail sections and breath-taking views! 
  • moderately difficult mountain routes: … are labelled “red”. They have a length of max. 25 kilometres and less than 1,300 metres of difference in altitude. You can expect some narrow trails that are partially steep – interrupted by secured walking or climbing passages where you have to use your hands. Especially during bad weather conditions, you should have some prior mountain experience and be sure-footed. Appropriate equipment is a prerequisite! 
  • difficult mountain routes: on trails labelled “black”, you get to expect a maximum of 30 kilometres and 1,300 metres of difference in altitude. These partially narrow and steep trails require utmost concentration, sure-footedness and a high level of endurance! Some climbing passages where you need to use your hands are a standard part of black routes. Just like the red routes – they require appropriate mountain equipment! 


Diversity at its best: weekly hiking programme

You’re dreaming of a holiday where a new hike is scheduled on every single day of the week? Great! You may also look forward to getting to know – and love – the Paznaun from the perspective of a local! How? By going on a guided tour. Together with your guide, you’ll explore the Tyrolean holiday resort and learn some interesting facts about the region and the people! Have a look at the weekly outdoor programme right away and take your pick from glacier safaris, family climbing, panorama hikes and more! 

Mini-hikes: it doesn’t always have to be a 3,000-metre summit!

The motto is: “mini-hikes – big moments”. The region offers plenty of short and sweet hikes – perfect for extending your evening stroll or for families with little children. 

You’ll see: it doesn’t always have to be an extremely exhausting hiking tour in the Alps. Shorter hikes are a great way to experience the picturesque landscape and its unique scenic places: summits, lakes or lookout points. 

Family highlights in the mountains: the adventure hike in Ischgl 

Fun, variety and excitement for both little and grown-up hikers – that’s what you get to expect from the adventure hike Ischgl-Idalp at 2,320 metres above sea level. The protagonists? Two spectacular suspension bridges, the Walk of Lyrics, the Adventure Stage and a hike through three alpine vegetation zones. Are you ready for an extra portion of hiking adventures in Ischgl? 

The adventure hike at a glance: 

  • level of difficulty: moderate 
  • walking time: 3 hours 
  • distance: 7.5 kilometres 
  • difference in altitude: 1,170 metres 
  • options for stops: Alpenhaus hut and Vider Alp hut


At the beginning of the trail, you’ll primarily hike across wooded hillsides. A particular highlight: the crossing of the Kitzloch ravine – on a suspension bridge! Two others follow right after: the Kitzloch bridge with a length of 120 metres and the Bärenfalle with a length of 110 metres. 

In lofty heights: the most spectacular suspension bridges in Ischgl await! 

The Kitzloch and the Bärenfalle – that’s what the two most spectacular suspension bridges of the adventure hike Idalp are called. Both are more than 100 metres in length and float at a height of 70 metres above the Fimbabach brook. What can you expect when crossing the bridge? Fantastic views of deep ravines and a little bit of an adrenaline rush. Because it doesn’t happen every day that you walk across a bridge with a floor made of grating and ropes as handrails, right? 

Walk of Lyrics 

Another highlight of the adventure hike is the Walk of Lyrics. That’s where hikers and stars from the music industry meet. You’re wondering how that’s possible? At plenty of stations where stars like Rihanna, Udo Jürgens, etc. are represented as art objects – that’s how. 

The best-known songs of the musicians are staged in a new and unique way. Because at the Walk of Lyrics – how else could it be? – the lyrics to the songs are at the centre of attention: quietly as text. Time to focus on the lyrics! 

The most beautiful lookout points in Ischgl 

What can’t be missing from any hike in the mountains of Ischgl? The view! Of the lush green pastures. The treetops. The mountain panorama that’s practically at your feet. With or without children. With or without a lot of mountain experience – amongst the following, you’re sure to find the perfect lookout point for you: 

The Flimspitze has one of the highest elevations of the Silvretta Arena. At almost 3,000 metres above sea level, you get to expect a breath-taking 360-degree view of the mountains at the Paznaun. Here’s how you can reach the Flimspitze: take the cable car up to the intermediate staton of the Idalp. Follow the signposts along the road to the turning of “Pardatschgrat-Flimjoch-Flimspitze-Flimjoch”. Walking time of this moderately difficult tour: about 2.5 hours. 

Rauher Kopf 
The Rauher Kopf at 2,478 metres above sea level is THE lookout point in the Tyrolean Alps. But mind you: this black hike requires mountain experience and a high level of endurance! Start in Mathon at the underpass of the through road at “Gasthof Glöckner” towards Nederli. Then continue to the Innerer Bergli – Äußerer Bergli – Rauher Kopf. Back to Ischgl, you’ll hike over the Tschamatsch Kopf. Walking time of this difficult route: 4.5 to 5 hours. 

The Greitspitze can be reached via different routes. On foot or with the Silvrettabahn cable car and Flimjochbahn lift. Once at the mountain station, there are about 45 minutes of walking time ahead of you. So, the hike is perfect for all those who don’t want to hike very far but still want to enjoy the stunning scenic views. Tip: An entry in the summit register is a must! 

The prefect lookout point for families: after the ascent with the Silvrettabahn cable car and the Flimjochbahn lift, you’ve reached the Viderjoch. This short hike is perfect for little children as well. By the way: at the summit, you’re standing right on the state line between Austria and Switzerland.

You love to climb and are a huge fan of challenging vie ferrate? That’s great! Have a look at the two different vie ferrate in Ischgl – for both beginners and advanced climbers!