Winter season 2021/22 - ski area Ischgl/Samnaun

COVID-19 Compliance

This page is continuously updated (Version: 11th january 2022).

We are delighted to welcome you for skiing and snowboarding in the Silvretta Arena Ischgl/Samnaun.

Both activities will - especially as we are still unfortunately in a pandemic - be somewhat different this season. Nevertheless we are convinced that this winter too, you will be able to spend some beautiful and relaxing days of skiing in our cross-border Silvretta Arena, which, with a slope area of 500 hectares that is groomed each day, enables you to keep a sufficient safety distance.


Experience from our safety and hygiene measures in the summer has shown, that these measures are “practical” and enable a mostly unrestricted holiday.
We are all responsible for a good and safe interaction with one another. If we stick to a few rules, nothing will be in the way of an unforgettable, and above all, a safe skiing and holiday experience.

In alignment with and supplementary to the current legal requirements in force, the policy makers in Ischgl and Samnaun have therefore developed a comprehensive set of measures, that have the aim of ensuring the health and safety of our guests, our employees and the local population.

To visit the Silvretta Arena, you need a valid 2G certificate (vaccinated or recovered) in addition to your ski ticket. Your ticket will only allow access to the ski area if proof of 2G status is provided. In Austria, an FFP2 mask is also compulsory in gondola lifts and in chairlifts with a cover. The mask requirement also applies in covered queuing areas.

In Austria, visitors must also comply with the FFP2 mask requirement when using all cable cars and lifts. In outdoor areas, an FFP2 mask must always be worn if the recommended minimum social distance of 2 m from strangers cannot be maintained - this applies especially to queue areas.

Buy a ski ticket

How do ticket sales work in the winter season 2021/22?

When selling tickets, verification of the 2G status (GreenCheck) takes place at the cable car ticket office or also at the reception (OPOS hotel sales point).
People who have a 2G certificate (vaccinated or recovered) can in principle buy any ski ticket.

When purchasing tickets, 2G status (GreenCheck) is verified at the cable car ticket office or, in Samnaun hotels, at reception (OPOS hotel sales point).
People who possess a 2G-certificate (vaccinated or recovered), can in principle, buy any type of ski pass.

People who do have no proof of 2G status and therefore are neither vaccinated or recovered, will not receive any transport tickets.

Children under 12  are NOT required to show proof of low epidemiological risk and therefore no 2G (proof of vaccination or recovery) or PCR test.

For children 12 and over until end of secondary school the following applies:

•    For children attending school in Austria, a (holiday) Ninja Pass is accepted as proof of a low epidemiological risk.
•    Children traveling to Austria can provide this proof by presenting a PCR test result at least twice a week..

Children who were born before 1 September 2006 are no longer required to attend school. For them, the same 2G obligation applies as for adults..

You need a valid 2G certificate to activate tickets.

Tickets are usually activated directly when purchased at the cable car ticket office or at the hotel reception.

We ask you to keep your 2G proof ready for possible checks for the duration of your stay in the skiing area.

Only ski passes linked to a valid 2G certificate will open the turnstile.

You have the following options to activate your ski pass:


On the Safe2Ski Check-in online portal you can link your COVID certificate (QR code) to your ski pass.

Link Ischgl ski ticket with 2G certificate now

Link Samnaun ski ticket with 2G certificate now


There are terminals available for activation directly at our valley stations. Here you can "link" your ticket quickly and easily with your 2G proof (QR code).

Ski pass sales points

Your region ticket can also be activated at our ski pass cash desks.

Network tickets which were not purchased at the ski pass ticket offices of the mountain railways in Ischgl or Samnaun must be activated before they are used for the first time.
If activation has already been carried out at a networked company, no new activation is necessary.

The requirement to show 2G-proof does not apply to individuals who cannot be vaccinated without risk to their life or health. In such cases a relevant doctor's note as well as proof from a competent authority of a negative result from a moleculobiological test for SARS-CoV-2, taken within the last 72 hours, must be shown.

Cable car and lift facilities

Please always carry a FFP2 mask (Ischgl) or at the very least a mouth/nose mask (Samnaun) with you and use this in the appropriately marked areas.

In more detail, the following requirements are valid in this respect:

Cable car and lift facilities

2G - Rule
1G = g
2G = genesen


covering (FC)

Ischgl ticket sales point x
Samnaun ticket sales point x

All facilities in Ischgl incl. queue areas
(gondola lifts, chairlifts, T-bar lifts, conveyor belts)


Cable cars incl. queue areas in Samnaun
(Twinliner L1, Pendelbahn L2)


Chairlifts and T-bar lifts / conveyor belts in Samnaun

x x

Children up to the age of 6 (in Austria) or 12 (in Switzerland) and persons who cannot reasonably be expected to wear this device for health reasons are exempt from the obligation to wear an FFP2 mask or MNP. This latter group must present an appropriate medical certificate.

In Austria, children from the age of 6 to 14 are allowed to wear MNP, including tube scarves or buffs, instead of an FFP2 mask.

People should always bring their own masks. However, they can also be purchased on site at our ski pass ticket offices. Our staff will politely remind you to comply with the mask requirement. If you still refuse to wear a mask, we reserve the right to refuse you transport with our equipment. We therefore ask you to respect and comply with this requirement and its verification for your own safety, but also with regard to the safety of other guests and our staff.

We also ask you to keep your 2G certificate ready for possible checks for the duration of your stay in the skiing area.

Mountain gastronomy

Mountain gastronomy

2G - Rule
1G = g
2G = genesen



(does not apply where food and drink is served)
Samnaun x
(does not apply where food and drink is served)

In the restaurants in the ski area in Ischgl (Restaurant Idalp, Alpenhaus, Pardorama, Höllboden, Schwarzwand, Gampenalp, Ischgl Slope Food, Vider Alpe, Paznauner Taja and Bodenalp) we also need to collect your contact details in case of possible contact tracing by the health authorities.
For this purpose, registration options are available via QR code. As a rule, your data will be deleted again after 28 days.

Other areas

Other areas

2G - Rule
1G = g
2G = genesen



Skibus Ischgl x x
Skibus Samnaun x x
Toboggan evening x
Parking garages x x
SkyFly - Zipline
(currently out of operation)



General information and Organisation

iSki-Ischgl/mySamnaun App: Please download the free App - for iPhone and Android – to your Smartphone. Our App provides lots of useful functions/information for your holiday.

A key component to optimise the queuing areas are our new camera and software systems at the three feeder cable cars in Ischgl (Silvrettabahn A1, Pardatschgratbahn A2 and Fimbabahn A3). These enable us – anonymised of course and therefore in compliance with data protection – to assess the volume of people and analyse mobility levels. The latter enables us to determine and estimate waiting times at individual feeder cable cars.

Waiting times will be shown in real time on your Smartphone, as long as GPS function is activated in the iSki App and you are in Ischgl.

provide information regarding our Covid-19 Compliance Guidelines at entrances to conveyance facilities, in cable car cabins, restaurants, sports shops and ski storage areas. We also provide regular information, in multiple languages, by way of relevant announcements in the entrance areas for the feeder cable cars and at ticket sales points.

We have installed hand sanitising facilities at our cable car area and in mountain restaurants for you.

Cable cars and ski buses

Disinfection of cable car cabins: All cable car cabins (Silvrettabahn A1, Pardatschgratbahn A2, Fimbabahn A3, Piz Val Gronda E5, Pardoramabahn F2, Twinliner L1, Pendelbahn L2) are disinfected several times a day. To do this we use special cold mist devices which provide a droplet mist that is long-lasting and is suspended in the air. Within one minute, 99.99% of viruses, bacteria and spores are eliminated from treated surfaces. The active ingredient does not leave behind any residue after use, is 100% biodegradable,non-toxic, ph-neutral and kind to the skin and eyes.

In ski buses and in sports shops and ski stores, First Aid Station / Medical Port in the ski area, and also in our WC facilities and lift cabins, surface/indoor air disinfection measures are carried out daily.

We reserve the right to limit the number of people entering Silvretta Arena Ischgl/Samnaun.

Mountain restaurants

In the majority of seating areas, we have set up new partitions and adapted and expanded hygiene measures in free flow areas. 

All our food/drinks menus can be called up via our iSki Ischgl / mySamnaun App or via the QR code direct in the mountain restaurants and in the cable car cabins at feeder cable car facilities.

Music performances in the restaurants and bars at the cable cars will be solely in the form of ambient music.
Our toboggan evenings will also take place under strict adherence to the relevant safety measures.

Silvrettaseilbahn AG and Bergbahnen Samnaun AG are specifically stepping up the number of cleaning measures. This applies for instance to the cleaning and disinfection of tables/ bar areas in mountain restaurants and of hand rails, door handles and sanitary facilities. We have also reduced the intervals between filter cleaning for ventilation systems.


We have devised comprehensive Covid prevention concepts in our cable car facilities and restaurants.

People who have health complaints can get in touch with officials from the cable car companies at any time. We have several Corona safety officers.


Masks are no longer compulsory in the work place for staff due to generally tightened Covid measures.


Where possible, please ventilate cable car cabins during the journey.

We recommend keeping a distance of at least 2 metres from people, who do not live in the same household as you. If this is not possible, an FFP2 mask must also be worn outdoors.

Please pay heed to general hygiene rules and wash your hands regularly. Sanitiser dispensers are available in cash desk areas and in mountain restaurants.

Please do not leave used protective masks or tissues in cable car cabins, rather, ensure they are properly disposed of. Bins are available in station areas.

Please follow recommended guidelines for conduct and the instructions provided by our on-duty staff, in particular those relating to hygiene measures.

Where possible, use contactless payment.

If you show symptoms that may indicate you have a COVID-19 infection (fever, coughing, sore throat, loss of smell/taste,...), please remain in your accommodation and contact the Reception desk where you are , or a doctor.

Please act responsibly and protect yourself and the health of others. Install and activate the updated iSki Ischgl or mySamnaun App. This will mean you always have the latest information.

In case of forced closure of the cable cars, border closure or travel alert due to COVID-19, the following refund policy applies, provided that the relevant official orders continue until the scheduled end of the winter season: :

  • For multi-day ski passes, the difference between the purchase price and the purchase price of a ski pass, the validity period of which corresponds to the number of usable days up to the closure, will be refunded.
    Refund amount = ticket price – ski pass price for usable days
  • Holders of season tickets are entitled to a refund if they have used these less than 20 days up to the time of closure. The refund amounts to 1/20 of the (reduced) ticket price multiplied by the – based on the upper limit of 20 days – number of skiing days not utilised. The refund amount is limited to 75% of the (reduced) purchase price. The usage days in the summer months will not be taken into account.
    Refund amount= ticket price x (20 - usage days)
  • A refund is only due if the closure of the facilities as required by the authorities, the border closure or the travel alert, makes usage of the offer in all ski areas and/or parts of ski areas (e.g. Ischgl and Samnaun) covered by the respective ski pass impossible.
  • Applications for refunds for multi-day ski passes are to be submitted by 15 May 2022, for season tickets by 30 September 2022, in writing at the respective sales outlet. After the end of this period the refund entitlement will expire.
  • It is the responsibility of the customer to comply with the COVID-prevention measures as required by the respective authorities. If the customer does not comply with these requirements, we are obligated to prohibit the customer from using our transport facilities. In such cases, the right to refund shall be excluded.


Respect our health and hygiene compliance measures, enjoy your holiday and stay safe and well.

We are continually evaluating the situation and adapting our Covid-19 Compliance measures to suit any statutory or legal amendments.

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Bergbahnen Samnaun AG
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