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Winter 2021 - 2022

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Last updated  12th October 2021


All hosts, restaurateurs and service providers in Paznaun have taken measures with responsibility, passion and dedication to ensure you have a carefree holiday! Let's take care of each other together and adhere to the recommended health measures.
But the most important thing: look forward to your vacation with us in Paznaun!

"We used the time to get even better"

The ski operating times at a glance:
Ischgl: 25.11.2021 - 01.05.2022
Galtür: 10.12.2021 - 22.04.2022  
Kappl: 17.12.2021 – 18.04.2022
See: 17.12.2021 – 22.04.2022

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Paznaun-Ischgl Tourist Board


The most important at a glance

  • General rule: Recovered, tested, vaccinated as entry condition
  • Arrival with an already negative test result is necessary for non-vaccinated or non-recovered guests (further PCR tests on site during the holiday are free of charge for guests until further notice)
  • Mouth and nose protection / FFP2-mask mandatory where necessary
  • Registration mandatory in restaurants and catering establishments
  • Current entry requirements for Austria

The 3-step plan

  • Stage 1: Currently valid
  • Stage 2: As of 7 days after the intensive care bed occupancy rate of 15% has been exceeded (300 beds)
  • Stage 3: As of 7 days after the intensive care bed occupancy rate of 20% has been exceeded (400 beds)
General rule & validity period of tests

In all accommodations, culinary establishments, leisure facilities and at events, the following applies:

  • Proof by means of immunisation passport, immunisation card, QR-Code (Green Pass) or print-out
  • From the second vaccination (must not be more than 360 days ago)
  • As of the 22nd day after vaccination with vaccine requiring only one jab (must not be more than 270 days ago)
  • For people who have already recovered and who have previously been vaccinated, the vaccination is valid for 360 days from the time of vaccination.
  • Negative PCR-Test (validity: 72 hours)
  • Negative antigen test from test centre, physician, pharmacy, etc. (validity: 24 hours); For foreign guests, antigen tests from a physician or the pharmacy are not free!
  • Negative antigen test for self-administration (self-test), recorded in an official data processing system (validity: 24 hours).
  • Exempted from mandatory testing are children under 12 years of age. To them, their parents’ status applies. 
  • Up to 6 months after end of the infection (proof: Isolation certificate, medical confirmation)
  • Positive antibody test, no older than 3 months

Testing options in the region

In order to enter culinary establishments, accommodation providers, events and indoor leisure facilities, a negative Covid test or proof of vaccination or recovery are required until further notice. For guests who have not been vaccinated or who have not recovered, it is necessary to show a negative test upon arrival. Further PCR tests on site are free of charge for guests during the holiday until further notice. 



Entry requirements & Getting here safely

Before you set off on your well-deserved holiday, read up on the current coronavirus situation in Austria and Tirol:

Accommodations, food service and catering

  • In principle, the general rule applies
  • Stage 1: valid negative test result, proof of vaccination, proof of recovery permitted.
  • Stage 2: Antigen tests with self-collection ("living room tests") are no longer permitted.
  • Stage 3: only valid negative PCR test result, proof of vaccination, proof of recovery permitted.

Cable cars 

  • Stage 1 to 3: obligation to wear an FFP2 mask
  • 3G rule: 3G proof is to be checked when tickets are sold (A practicable implementation for operators and visitors is currently being worked on)
  • Visitors must always carry the valid 3G certificate and show it during random checks.

Public transport

  • FFP2-masks protection mandatory (also at the bus stops)
  • All buses are regularly aired out and disinfected

Après-ski & night gastronomy

  • The same rules generally apply for après-ski as for night catering.
  • Stage 1: valid negative PCR test result, proof of vaccination, evidence of recovery valid (Antibody proof or antigen tests are not sufficient).
  • from Stage 2: 2G rule: proof of vaccination, proof of recovery (no tests as proof) valid.
  • Regulation for unvaccinated employees: the mandatory wearing of an FFP2 mask and regular testing utilizing a PCR test


Advent and Christmas Markets

  • Stage 1: 3G proof: Valid negative test result, proof of vaccination, evidence of recovery permitted.
  • Stage 2: Antigen tests with self-acceptance ("living room tests") are no longer permitted.
  • Stage 3: only valid negative PCR test result, proof of vaccination, evidence of recovery permitted.

Health: What to do in case of illness?
In case of suspected COVID-19-infection: 

Before you leave, please enquire with the competent authority regarding the entry requirements in your own country.

General hygiene rules


Avoid shaking hands
Mouth and nose protection / FFP2 mask everywhere where it’s necessary
Wash your hands several times daily
Avoid putting your hands to the face
Sneeze/cough into your elbow or handkerchief
Stopp Corona App

We do our very best to ensure the information provided here is as complete and up-to-date as possible. However, please be aware that we assume no liability in this respect. Information provided by Tourismusverband Paznaun-Ischgl does not in any way replace the official information provided by the authorities. As the situation regarding travel warnings can change quickly, we recommend contacting your home country's foreign office in order to receive the latest travel advice for Austria.