Winter season 2020/21 - skiing area Ischgl/Samnaun

COVID-19 Compliance

This page is continuously updated (as of: 17th february 2021).

We are delighted to welcome you to ski and snowboard in Ischgl/Samnaun again this winter 2020/21.

Due to the latest developments relating to the third “lockdown” in Austria and the different regulations for ski area operators in Austria and Switzerland, we have to move the ski start in Ischgl. The official start of the winter season is planned in the middle of February due to the ongoing regulations.

Samnaun kicked off the new skiing season on 11 December 2020. Hotels and accommodation providers in Samnaun can stay open. In Austria an evaluation for gastronomy, hotel industry, accommodation providers and event organizers will take place in mid-February. Based on this, a decision will be made at the end of February.

In the Alp Trida ski house and, in fine weather, on the Alp Bella, there is the option of take-away food. Consumption in the ski areas is possible on seats in outdoor areas. A maximum of 4 people are allowed to sit at each table, a distance of 1.5 m is prescribed between groups of guests. The toilet facilities on the Alp Trida, on the Alp Bella and in Salaas are also open.

Generally, skiing and snowboarding will proceed somewhat differently this season. Nevertheless, we are confident that you will spend wonderful and relaxing days of skiing in the Silvretta Arena, this year as well.

We hope that these extensive measures will show quick results and we can welcome you here again soon. Stay healthy and optimistic.


In accordance with and complementary to the currently applicable legal provisions, the decision-makers in Ischgl and Samnaun have also developed a comprehensive set of measures aiming to guarantee the health and safety of our guests, our staff as well as the local population.

Let’s work together to deny Covid-19 any chance in the Silvretta Arena.

What we do for you:

General information and organisation


  • Information columns and signs: These point out our Covid-19 compliance guidelines at the entries to our transportation facilities, in the cable car cabins, the restaurants, the sports shops and ski depots. Furthermore, we update you regularly and in multiple languages by means of relevant announcements in the access areas of the feeder lifts and ticket sales points.
  • Multifunctional scarf (tube scarf) for free: When buying a ski pass at the cable car cash desks or from your accommodation provider, we will give you a multifunctional scarf at no cost, which can be used as a filtering facepiece (FFP). Wearing a filtering facepiece is mandatory in the areas with corresponding signs (also see below).

    Note Samnaun:
    According to the requirements of the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health, filtering facepieces (FFP) handed out by the cable car operators must meet the guidelines of the federal office. The multifunctional scarves distributed by the Samnaun cable cars have not been checked for the criteria defined by the Swiss National COVID-19 Science Task Force (NCS-TF), and are thus no replacement for FFPs tested accordingly!

  • Organised queuing areas: Generally, a minimum distance must be observed in all queuing areas (Austria 1 m; Switzerland 1.5 m). We will arrange the queuing areas technically and organisationally in such a way as to avoid groups of persons standing close together, as much as possible.
  • “Intelligent” camera systems: An important component for optimising the queuing areas are the new camera and software systems at the three feeder lifts (Silvrettabahn A1, Pardatschgratbahn A2 and Fimbabahn A3), which allow us – obviously anonymized and thus compliant with data privacy – density measurements and mobility analyses. The former are used for monitoring the minimum distance, whereby in case of infringements of the minimum distance being detected, automated announcements will be initiated. With help of the mobility analyses, waiting times at the individual feeder lifts can also be calculated or estimated. The waiting times are, if you have activated the GPS-feature in the iSki App and are in Ischgl, displayed on your smart phone in real time.

  • Observance of the requirement to wear an FFP as well as the minimum distances are also monitored by trained personnel.
  • Hand hygiene: At our ski pass cash desks and in the mountain restaurants, we have installed sufficient hand disinfection facilities for you.


Cable cars and ski buses


  • Limited number of persons:
    For transport in closed cabins, the number of passengers is limited to 1/2 of the standard capacity in Austria, and to 2/3 of the standard capacity in Switzerland.
    Silvrettabahn A1 max. 12 persons
    Pardatschgratbahn A2 max. 14 persons
    Fimbabahn A3 max. 4 persons
    Pardoramabahn F2 max. 2 persons
    Piz Val Grondabahn E5 max. 75 persons
    Luftseilbahn L1 max. 77 persons (1st level) and 42 persons (2nd level)
    Luftseilbahn L2

    max. 53 persons

    A reduction of the maximum number of people permitted by 50% is also required by law for chairlifts with bubbles in Austria.

    Generally, we will abstain from utilising the permitted capacities in case of accordingly low ridership, and no one will be required to get on a cable car or a lift, in which there are already other passengers, against their will.

    Normally, the rides up and down the mountain with our cable car facilities will take no longer than 15 minutes.

    In cable car cabins and when riding on chairlifts and lifts, wearing a filtering facepiece is mandatory.

  • Disinfection of the cable car cabins:
    All cable car cabins (Silvrettabahn A1, Pardatschgratbahn A2,

    Fimbabahn A3, Piz Val Gronda E5, Pardoramabahn F2, Twinliner L1, Pendelbahn L2) are disinfected daily by us. When doing so, we apply a long-lasting mist of fine droplets, using special cold fogging devices. Within one minute, this eliminates 99.99% of viruses, bacteria and spores on the treated surfaces. The active ingredient does not leave behind any residue after usage, is 100% biodegradable, non-toxic, pH-neutral as well as skin- and eye-friendly.

  • Surface/room air disinfection measures: In ski buses as well as in sports shops and ski depots, the first aid stations / Medical-Port in the ski area, but also in our WC-facilities and elevator cars, surface / room air disinfection measures are also carried out daily.
  • We expressly reserve the right to limit the number of persons for the Silvretta Arena Ischgl/Samnaun. With a valid guest card from Ischgl/Samnaun/Paznaun, you can purchase a ski pass for the Silvretta Arena in any event. With regard to situation-related, officially stipulated access restrictions, we will of course keep to the legal principles.


Mountain restaurants

  • Minimum distances: In the mountain restaurants, we pay attention to the minimum distance between tables and seating facilities as prescribed by the authorities. In addition, we have installed new partitionings in the seating areas and adapted and expanded hygiene measures in the free-flow areas.
  • Limited number of guests: In order to guarantee compliance with sufficient safety distancing, we will – regardless of capacity utilisation – also limit admittance to our culinary establishments on the mountain.
  • Digital menu/drinks menu: All our menus/drinks menus can be accessed using our iSki Ischgl / mySamnaun App or via QR-Code directly in the mountain restaurants and cable car cabins of the feeder facilities.
  • Music events: Music offerings in the restaurants and bars of the cable cars will be provided exclusively in form of background music.

    The tobogganing evenings will take place under strict observance of the applicable safety precautions.

  • Cleaning: The Silvrettaseilbahn AG and the Bergbahnen Samnaun AG are purposefully intensifying a number of cleaning activities. This applies, for example, to the cleaning and/or disinfection of the tables/bar areas in the mountain restaurants as well as to handrails, doorknobs and sanitary installations. We have also reduced the intervals for cleaning the filters in ventilation systems.
  • Guest registration: All gastronomic establishments – as per the current legal situation – will require mandatory registration this winter season. This accelerates the so-called Contact-Tracing, the contact person tracing by the authority and facilitates any possible further infections to be isolated faster, and thus the infection chain broken. The data will be deleted again within 28 days and only used for notification in case of a Covid-infection case.

    What is required for this?

    1. Download new iSki Ischgl or mySamnaun App for free.


Apple iOS Download (iSki Ischgl App)
Android Download (iSki Ischgl App)

Apple iOS Download (mySamnaun App)
Android Download (mySamnaun App)

2. One-off registration in the app required.

3. QR code for quick registration at the cash desk of the self-service restaurants or when entering our table-service restaurants.


Alternatively, registration can also be done by filling in a form when entering the restaurant.


  • Covid-19-Test: All staff will be tested for Covid-19 before starting work for the first time. For those who are in contact with customers, occasion-related follow-up tests will take place, whereby ongoing testing opportunities are available.
  • FFP and temperature checks: Staff who have contact with guests (gastronomy, cable car and rescue sections) are instructed to wear FFP. Before the start of work, the body temperature of all staff will be checked on a daily basis.
  • Corona safety officers: Persons with health afflictions can contact the staff of the cable car companies at any time. We have several qualified Corona safety officers available.


  • Currently not yet decided is whether or in what form we will be able to hold the TOM-concerts for Easter or the season finale this season. This will ultimately be determined by the current situation as well as the legal framework conditions and we will announce our final decision with regard to this in good time.


What you can do to ensure safe social interaction and thus protect your fellow skiers:

Please always carry a filtering facepiece (FFP) and use it when the minimum distance to other persons as required in each case cannot be observed.

In these areas, wearing an FFP (tube scarf, multifunctional scarf, protective mask,...) is mandatory:

  • at the ski pass sales point of the cable cars
  • in the access area of all cable cars (pay attention to the markings)
  • in the station, entry / exit area as well as during the ride with the cable cars (gondola/chairlifts, chairlifts, T-bar lifts)
  • When using the conveyors (practice area) or the Skyfly
  • In the mountain restaurants (wearing FFP is not required at the tables themselves)
  • when using the WC-facilities
  • in the ski shop / ski depot
  • in the ski bus
  • in the parking garages

Excepted from using FFP are children no older than five (in Austria) or eleven (in Switzerland) and persons who cannot be expected to wear this contraption for health reasons. Persons who cannot be expected to wear a guard covering the mouth and nose for health reasons, will be required to present a recent medical certificate.

If necessary, our staff will politely remind you to wear a filtering facepiece. If you still refuse to wear a filtering facepiece, we reserve the right to refuse you use of our transport facilities. For the sake of your safety, that of other guests, our staff, please respect the requirement to wear a mask.


Please keep sufficient distance to unknown persons.
If possible, the minimum distance should also be maintained in the cable car cabins.
In Austria, a minimum safety distance of 2 m applies, and in Switzerland 1.5 m.


Please ventilate the cable car cabin during the trip if necessary.


Observe the general hygiene rules and wash your hands regularly. In the cable car station and the mountain restaurants, disinfectant dispensers are available for you.


Please do not leave behind your used protective mask or handkerchiefs in the cable car cabins, but instead dispose of these probably. Garbage bins can be found in the station areas.


Please follow the conduct recommendations and instructions from our staff on duty, in particular also those with regard to the applicable hygiene regulations.


If possible, use contactless payment methods.


If you are showing any symptoms of a possible COVID-19 infection (fever, cough, sore throat, loss of taste/smell, ...), please remain in your accommodation and immediately contact the reception of your accommodation provider or a doctor.


Please show personal responsibility and thus protect your health and that of those around you. Install and activate the updated iSki-Ischgl or mySamnaun App. This way you will always receive the latest information.


Install the Stopp Corona-app/SwissCovid APP and protect yourself and your loved ones.

Every time the minimum distance to other people is not observed, the app will register this as a contact. If you or one of these persons catch the corona-virus, all encounters will be informed completely anonymously.

More informations about the Stopp Corona-App




In the event of forced closure of the cable car facilities, border closure or travel warnings due to COVID-19, when the relevant official directives last until the planned end of the winter season, the following refund arrangements apply:

  • For multi-day ski passes and for day ski passes whose period of validity includes days that could have been used up until closure of facilities, the difference of the purchase price will be refunded.
    Refund amount =
    Ticket price – Ski pass price for days used
  • For season tickets a refund will be effected if the ticket has been used for less than 20 days. The refund will be 1/20 of the (discounted) ticket price multiplied by the number of days of skiing not used – with an upper limit of 20 days. The refund amount will be limited to 75% of the (discounted) purchase price.
    Refund amount =
    Ticket price x (20 – days used)

  • A refund will only be made when the facilities have been closed by the authorities, when the border has been closed, or if there is an advisory warning against travel, and when this means that it is not possible to provide offers during the validity period for the respective ski pass in the ski areas and ski area members.
  • Refund amounts for multi-day ski passes are to be made in writing by 15th May 2021, and for season tickets, by 30th September 2021, to the respective sales point. After these dates there is no right to refund.

Winter 2020/21

Legal framework - ropeway transportation in Austria


Respect our health/hygiene compliance, enjoy your winter holidays in Ischgl and have a great time.

We continuously evaluate the situation and adapt our Covid-19 Compliance with regard to any changes in legal or official requirements.

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