A variety of delicacies at Tyrol’s mountain huts

Mountain huts in Ischgl

Creaking wood floors, rustic curtains – and they can’t be surpassed in terms of comfort level! Of course, we’re talking about the mountain huts at the Tyrolean holiday resort Ischgl. These huts are not just perfect for a “pit-stop” during your ski or hiking day. They also harbour plenty of delightful gourmand moments that holiday guests would love to take home in a doggy bag if they could. 

The warm welcome of the hut’s owners is only the first taste of true Tyrolean hospitality. At the mountain huts in Tyrol, hearty specialities like Tiroler G’röstl are served alongside some delicious lighter dishes. So, every holiday guest gets to order exactly the kind of meal that they prefer! 

Wildererhütte 1

Silvretta Wildpark / Wildererhütte lodge

The Wildererhütte lies right at the Silvretta-Hochalpenstraße between Ischgl and Mathon. The hiking trail leading...

Heidelberger Hütte

Heidelberger Hütte lodge

ADVENTURE, NATURE, SPORT The Heidelberger Hut is the ideal starting point In winter as in summer, the hut is the base...


Mountain restaurant Bodenalpe

Surrounded by nature. RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF SPORTS FUN! The mountain hotel and restaurant Bodenalpe is located at 1848...

Alp Trida innen

Panorama Restaurant Sattel

Right at the mountain station for the bi-level aerial tramway in Samnaun, at 2488m, this restaurant enjoys panoramic...

Alp Bella

Alp Bella lodge

Alp Bella lies at 2380m, in a somewhat secluded area, in the Samnaun region, yet it still radiates traditional Swiss...

Vider Alp

Vider Alp lodge

The Vider Alp is definitely a mountain restaurants that attracts a lot of regulars. What makes them return time and...

Paznauner Taja

Paznauner Taja lodge

Located at 2000m this lodge is irresistible, thanks to its exuberant atmosphere. It is after all one of the loveliest...

Darmstädter Hütte

Darmstädter Hütte lodge

Located in an impressive high mountain basin to the north of Ischgl is Darmstädter Hütte, at 2384m. The lodge is...

Alpenhaus Sommer

Alpenhaus mountain restaurant

Want something charming and sophisticated? Then this, probably the most stylish lodge in the Alps in Tyrol, is just the...

Friedrichshafner Hütte

Friedrichshafener Hütte lodge

This enchanting Alpine refuge is set in a dreamy location at 2138m, by a lake where trout also swim. Hikers and bikers...