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Vider Truja Adventure Park

At the Idalp, your kids will instantly fall in love with Vider Truja adventure park. What’s first? The water park, the boulder tower, the slackline or one of the relaxed barbecue stations? As you can see, the Tyrolean Adventure Park “Vider Truja” on Idalp offers plenty of activities for children to fill a whole day and as well a place for relaxing and recreation for parents.

The park has existed since 2008, and was constructed around Idalp reservoir at the time. After the Idalp Reservoir was renaturalised in the autumn of 2020, the cleared space was used to add to the new attractions to Vider Truja.

The “Vider Truja” Adventure Park is located on Idalp (2,320 m) and can be reached on foot in a few minutes from the upper terminus of Silvrettabahn A1 or Fimbabahn A3.

Mountain huts in the neighbourhood: Alpenhaus & Videralp

By the way: The word "Truja" comes from the Rhaeto-Romanic language and means "trampling path of the cows".

Opening times

Daily from 29 June to 13 October

Adventure park - Vider Truja
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Vider Truja
The attractions

  • 1 Bouldering towers
  • 1 Kneipp pool
  • 4 Trampolines
  • 30 m Slacklines
  • Sand play area for small children
  • Several barbecue areas (barbecue tools not provided)
  • 2 landscape ponds with one raft
  • Sunloungers and hammocks
  • E-bike charging station
  • WC-facility
  • Beverage/snack vending machine

at a glance

All attractions

Free E-bike charging station

Plugs for Bosch, Shimano, Brose and Yamaha electric motors available.

Chairlift Swings

For a total of 4 people.


Two small trampolines (Ø 2 m) and
two large trampolines (Ø 4.3 m).

Bouldering site

Climbing on a total of 35 routes
(of varying difficulty).

Sand play area

with water pump & -guide system

also for toddlers, sand toys available.

Relaxing zone

3 hammocks and 4 wooden loungers invite you to linger.

Kneipp basin

Treading water is intended to stimulate the circulation and promote blood flow.

Barbecue spots

There are a total of 4 barbecue sites. Firewood is available.

3 Slacklines

1st part: 8,85 m

2nd part: 12 m

3rd part: 10,9 m


2 spring bouncing toys and 1 ship to climb on.

Small lake

with relax loungers & children's pedal boats

The lake has a water depth of about 30 cm and can be navigated with small pedal boats for children.

Pond with water raft

Small lake with a raft where you can pull yourself from shore to shore with a rope.

Cave and barefoot path

Take off your shoes, feel, touch and feel. Tired walking feet become active again on the barefoot path. This is due to the different surfaces of the path, which massage the soles of the feet, promote blood circulation and stimulate the entire organism in a beneficial way via foot reflex zones.

Map of the Vider Truja


Barbecuing at the Vider Truja

Those who like can meet up at one of the most scenic barbecue spots in Ischgl in Vider Truja Adventure Park. Here there are some tables and benches. Barbecuing is done on open fireplaces with own grillage. Wood is available, but please bring your own barbecue tools.

Refreshment stops

Mountain restaurant Alpenhaus & Vider Alp

After the Vider Truja Adventure Park is discoverd, it’s a good time to relax in Alpenhaus Mountain Restaurant or on the Videralp on large sun terraces, soaking up the sun and enjoying great food, and returning to Ischgl again by cable car after a satisfying day.

With 5 cable cars from Ischgl to Samnaun

The Smugglers Circuit