A paradise for freestylers

Ischgl Snowpark

What truly ups the fun factor on your day at the Silvretta Arena? What makes skiing awesome? And what’s the icing on your winter fun cake?

The freshly redesigned Ischgl Snowpark powered by JEEP

Ischgl Snowpark powered by JEEP

Ischgl Snowpark
Ischgl Snowpark - Funline
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INFO: Our Ischgl Snowpark will open in winter season 2021/22 again.

Ischgl Funpark

Adrenaline rush included

During the 2017/18 winter season, the Snowpark in Ischgl – right next to the Idalp – was given a new design. Jumper and freestylers get to look forward to two park-areas, a funline and a bagjump. Racers and speed addicts to the speedline in the middle of it all. That’s how you’ll have even more fun on your ski day at the Silvretta Arena and plenty of amazing holiday memories to tell your friends about. 

Are you ready to discover Ischgl’s brand new winter play area? And to be wowed by the surprises it holds in store? Then you are ready for Ischgl! 

By the way:
Snowpark shapers make sure that the Ischgl Snowpark is in tip-top shape every single day. Daily snow fun guaranteed! 

Ischgl Snowpark

Park-area 1: All Fun

Park-area 1: All Fun

Its name says it all when it comes to the bigger one of the two park-areas. A total of 16 elements – with plenty of boxes and funtubes – are going to make your heart beat faster! 
But what’s even better is that every skier and snowboarder is in the right place at park-area 1. It doesn’t matter if you’re a freestyle newbie or an old hand at it. 

The park-area consists of 16 jumps and obstacles that can be conquered according to your individual skills and style. Here we go! 

360° view park area 1

Ischgl Snowpark

Park-area 2: Improve your Skills

Park-area 2: Improve your Skills

As the name suggests, park-area 2 is perfect for those who’ve already made a first foray into jumps, jips and the like. Every single obstacle is positioned in a way that your existing skills can be further developed and improved upon. 

However, the highlight at park-area 2 is the giant bagjump at the end of the course. That’s where freestylers can safely and softly land while perfecting their rotation skills. 

Park-area 2 consists of 15 obstacles that want to be mastered. Either on skis or on a snowboard – whichever you prefer. 

360° view park area 2

fun for everybody

Funline: Get stoked

If classic snowpark-line meets descent slope, that can only bode well. It doesn’t matter if you’re a seasoned skier or someone who’s making his or her first few turns on a snowboard: There’s plenty of variety to be found! Banked turns, speed boosters and jumps will make your venture from the regular slopes to the funline a truly unforgettable experience. Put your ski day into overdrive! 

By the way:
Especially families love the funline as the perfect ending to their day! 

The park-base in Ischgl

Freestylers need some space to relax and to exchange tips. What would be better suited for this than a few cosy deck chairs and awesome music? Exactly! Next to the park exit at the park base, your muscles can get a little break before hitting the park again with renewed strength. 

Allay your thirst and your hunger at the Idalp. It’s right next to the Ischgl Snowpark!

Your holiday plan for Ischgl is taking shape already? Then spice up your slope experience with a visit to the Ischgl Snowpark.

Tip for adrenaline junkies:
the racetracks and mogul slopes at the ski resort Ischgl!